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Five Things to Think About When You Train

by Gwinn Nixon

Training is an important part of any athlete’s life. What you always hear is that the season is for the team and making the team better, but individuals get better and players are made in the offseason, and that’s through training and dedication. Not to say you can’t get better during the season but quite simply there is a lot more time in the offseason ;). The tips I am about to go through are for any time you train, offseason or in season, they are things to keep with you.

5.) Go Hard: Have you ever heard of someone getting better giving a halfhearted effort in their training? No, because if you don’t take it seriously it won’t do you any good. So when you go to train, whether it’s mandatory, a personal decision, etc. go there to get better and do what you have to do. If you work hard you will appreciate the results I promise you.

4.) Don’t cut corners: So many times I have monitored a weight room session, or conditioning session, and seen guys just not taking it seriously, and cutting corners on their workouts to seemingly make it faster or put forth less effort. DO NOT DO THIS. It may be a pet peeve but nothing good comes with cutting corners in training, quite frankly it’s only asking for an injury. When you don’t do something properly, especially when dealing with weights, you are at a significantly greater risk for injury than if you just did the exercise properly. The options here are to do things the proper way and get better, or cut a corner, maybe save a second or two, and possibly injure yourself giving yourself a major setback and not helping your abilities at all.

3.) Change it up: When you work out or train an important thing to remember, that I don’t think enough people do, is to change up your routine. If I have learned anything from Tony Horton (the creator of the P90X workout), or any expert for that matter, it is that you have to change up your workouts and work different things every time. You can’t do the same thing every time you work out, you aren’t going to get better, by switching up your routine and working different muscles you will get better all around. So come up with a plan and rotate your exercises regularly to get the best results.

2.) Drink Water: Stay hydrated everyone, your muscles need oxygen to function and you need to be hydrated to perform at your best and this includes when training. Make sure to take water breaks and/or have a water bottle with you to keep hydrated whenever you train. Most people need between 20-33 ounces of water per hour during exercise, so pay attention to your water intake.

1.) 30 minute window: I recently watched a seminar on sports nutrition and this is something that really caught my attention. When you exercise, work out, train, play in a game, anything, you have a 30 minute window when your muscles, after being broken down, will absorb the most nutrients during rebuilding. This is why many major football programs will have their players drink chocolate milk before they even get back to the locker room after practices. Rebuilding your muscles in this 30 minute window will help you recover at a much greater rate and help the muscles regain strength and ability much better. So remember, when you finish training, you have 30 minutes to get protein and nutrients into your body where it will be efficiently absorbed and used in the bodies recovery.

So try to keep these tips in mind when getting ready for your next training session or anything you do to help prepare yourself or keep yourself ready for this season or anything in the future.

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